16 April 2013

Game Link + Submission

Play the game here

the above link it to the final submission of the game, and although it's far from perfect, I am extremely happy with how it turned out. The game was submitted to Edge magazine's "Get into games" competition, which runs yearly, and offers some great prizes for budding bedroom developers.

Having no previous experience in making a game, I feel more than satisfied with the final submission. There are a whole heap of things I developed that never got integrated for one reason or another, most of which were not related to my ability to pull of the scripting, which I thought would hold me back. Funnily enough the scripting side of making the game wasn't as hard as I imagined once I'd got going, and I repeatedly surprised myself with what I could do with it. The main constraint of the development process was the time limit. Most ideas in game development simply take much longer that the allotted timeframe of one month to implement functionally, let alone make aesthetically pleasing.

Having felt like I'm really getting to grips with Javascript/Unityscript, it might seem like madness to start thinking about jumping ship already, but this grounding in scripting has boosted my confidence with code, and C# is renowned for being more versatile and faster, not only with Unity but other engines/Dev platforms too. I'm thinking of developing both in unison, as Javascript is really so straightforward, and I did it so intensely, it's not going to fall from memory anytime soon.

For now I have some things I need to focus on before I devote myself to another project:
-Low poly modelling
-Javascript-Switches, Coroutines, Review For loops
-Contained environment creation
-Short visual experiments in Unity, to play with style and message