1 August 2013

Maya/Zbrush pipeline

I just completed a course of tutorials on the Maya/Zbrush pipeline. It was really useful for explaining a lot of the aspects surrounding this process. It was also great for general modelling tips and making use of the transfer maps feature that comes built in to Maya. I now feel pretty confident with this feature, and I'll have a further play around with tweaking the settings now that I'm happy with how it works.

This is a shadowy shot of the wall I created, with it's normal maps applied. It's relatively low poly, but has a nice rough edge to it that is highlighted nicely in the low-light.

Wall panel experiment
This wall panel is actually only one face, with my sculpting to make it look worn and old not taking up any extra geometry.

3D Building
The relief effect on this building was created in minutes using photo reference and some nifty modelling tips.

Wall damage
Another relief effect, done super fast.

Using curve in Maya to model wire geometry.