22 August 2013

'The Chair' concept and design work

This is the concept design sheet for an asset test I've been set. I have to create a game asset to certain technical specifications and to a set theme. The theme was very broad, simply "The chair", and I've decided to go down the horror route as it allows me to demonstrate good texturing/sculpting skills. The style I'm going for is something akin to Silent Hill's, and hopefully I can portray that through the chair's appearance. One of the reasons Silent Hill is so appealing to me is it's ability to take everyday objects and present them to you in a threatening or subversive manner. Admittedly the dentist's chair already has a bit of stigma as a horrible place to go, but it's somewhere I seem to have spent a lot of time recently (stupid teeth) and there's something about that lamp that bends round that catches my interest as an object. Enough waffling, time to start Low-poly modelling.

The Chair