11 September 2013

The Chair - Environment

I've been working over the creepy chair I created, and evolved it in to its own environment piece. It now sits in its own creepy hospital room, with one of those industrial look doors like in the SAW movies. The lighting is mimicking UDK lighting for now, and I'll be assembling it in an engine at a later date.

I included some closeup shots of the chair to, to show off some of the texture details. I'm particularly happy with the specularity of the blood, and the cracks in the leather. It looks more effective when you can walk around it and watch the light shine in the cracks as you move.

In all I am happy with my development of this piece, and after it's in UDK I'll be moving on to another piece. I learned a lot of texturing tips in this piece, and maybe next time I will focus on another area to improve on. The environment itself is quite small, so I could focus on spacial awareness next time, and exploring how to make a space more interesting to explore.