2 April 2014

99 Ways to tell a story - Matt Madden

I've been going on a sort of reading list binge recently, allowing myself some time to read around different subjects that interest me and might be able to shed some light on areas that relate to environment art and game design. The latest book I devoured almost instantly as it proved to be so interesting. I obtained a copy of Matt Madden's "99 ways to tell a story" a sort of essay in formalism through comics.

A fantastic book for inspiration as it gets you to think about how sequential images are represented. It does wonders for the imagination and I'll be keeping it at hand for future reference, as it can be picked up and flipped through without regard to the context.

The premise is a simple story, told in comic form over one page. The author interprets this single story repeatedly using different styles, allowing the reader to understand each style's particular qualities, and how they form the same story in a different way every time.

I feel it would be especially helpful in the area of indie game design in that some are trying to explore new ways of communicating. It's an area that seems to be untapped by the majority of indie games developers as they get drawn into creating what has already been done before, or are confused about visual communication in general.